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 **The Rules**

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PostSubject: **The Rules**   **The Rules** Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 5:02 am

First of all I would like to say one big HELLO to everyone who enters this section!

I am sure we will be having tons of fun in no time.

Now to get onto the rules of the place.

**The Rules** TheRules

1. Nothing that is above the PG rating should be posted. It doesn't matter if its in-character or not.
Over PG are topics such as: Illegal Drugs/Drug Addiction;Alcoholism;Excessive Violence;Eating Disorders;Swearing [this is expanded in the HEX Rules];Slavery/Torture/Kidnapping;

2. Any type of DISCRIMINATION is against the rules.

What do I mean? Topics such as (first GUY only) or (only for over 17 years) or (first girl only)
Please, remember - people at the age of 13 can be extremely mature in their thoughts. Also a girl can always play a guy and the opposite.

3. Try to keep the OOC posts to a minimum. At some point they can be considered as SPAM.

What is an OOC ? It means "Out Of Character". Author speech is considered OOC.

4. Everyone should start an RP topic with AN ACTUAL RP.

Example: Hey! Lets make a RP! - BAD!

Example: Clarice walked down the road thinking about how bad the world had been to her in the last few years. After she had moved from her parents to the boarding school things changed a lot... Blah-blah-blah... - GOOD

5. Chatting in RPs.

I would like to ask you all not to chat in the threads. It will be considered SPAM.


The titles of the topics should show some information on the RP itself.

Example: Hey,hey! Lets go to the Hogwarts Express - BAD
Example: The Hogwarts Express (HP/open to all/friendship/romance?/adventures etc...) - GOOD

7. SWEARING is limited. You are allowed to use "bad words" as far as they are kept PG Wink If you're wondering either a word is allowed or not, please ask me Smile

8. Please is in the RP are taking part more than 2 people: When there are 2 of the RPers online DO NOT make more than 2 responses each, because this way the other players will feel kicked out and will have to catch-up on a lot. Just think about them!

9. OOC speech should be in brackets -any type of brackets: {},[],//,\\,() ANY

10. Be sure not to EDIT the actual meaning of posts. You can edit typos and grammar, but NOT EVER the meaning of the post.

11. Put thoughts of your character in cursive (it is likable!) [i] thoughts [/ i] Thsi way people won't get confused if it is a speech or thought.

12. WATCH the threads you participate in. You definitely do not want to miss the action!

13. Additional information:

Here is a list of the most important terms of the RP genre:

OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character

God Modding - When someone is taking over another person's character.
Example (bad): Clarice walked down the road thinking and at some point she saw how Melanie bumped into a tree trunk. The underlined section is considered God-Modding, unless this action has been previously stated by Melanie's author.
Example (good) : Clarice walked down the road thinking when she saw Melanie. She started imagining how Melanie bumped into a tree trunk. Smile

Powergaming - A particular way of playing in which the emphasis lies on developing a player character that is as powerful as possible, usually to the detriment of other aspects of the game, such as character interaction.

Mery-Sues - When a character is OVER appreciated by their owner. When the author may seem to push how exceptional and wonderful the "Mary Sue" character is on his or her audience, sometimes leading the audience to dislike or even resent the character fairly quickly; such a character could be described as an "author's pet".

There are many types of Marys, but I am leaving you with this only for now Razz

CANON - characters that are considered 'genuine'.

Example for HP characters: CANONs - Harry, Hemione, Dumbledore; Non CANONs - Clarice, Melanie, Marcy etc...

This is for now. The Rules can be updated, because i is possible that things may come up wile RPing.

If you have any questions about RPign or the Rules - PM me or post them here in this topic.
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**The Rules**
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