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 House prefects and moderators.

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House prefects and moderators. Empty
PostSubject: House prefects and moderators.   House prefects and moderators. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 1:23 am

Hello everyone,

First of all my name is Aleena and I'll be your Headmistress here at Hogwarts. Mitzi (mitzwee) is the Deputy Headmistress and she'll be helping me run this school/forum. Very Happy

We are currently in need of new House prefects and moderators.

House prefects.
The prefect of every house will be incharge of their house's common room. They are to make sure that only the members of their house post in that section. They will also be required to go through all the posts, making sure no one is breaking the Hogwarts forum rules which can be found here: http://hogwartz.forumotion.com/t4-hogwarts-school-rules

RPG moderators.
As you know, we have a roleplay section or Hogwarts Auditorium. We need someone who loves to RP. They will also be required to go through all the roleplays and make sure no Hogwarts rules are being broken and that everyone is following the RP section rules which can be found here: http://hogwartz.forumotion.com/t116-the-rules

Chat moderators.
For the members to interact, a chat box can be found at the bottom of the forums. The chat moderator will be required to stay in the chat box as much as they can and make sure no Hogwarts rules are being broken. Any voilators will be kicked out by the Chat moderator.

The aurors will be having a lot of authority. Each will be assigned a specific section of the forum to moderate and they will be required to check all posts for spam or inappropriate content. This includes breaking up fights between members and helping them out as well.

You cannot apply to be a part of the staff. Just be yourself and post regularly. We'll be looking at your behaviour and interaction with other members too. If we think you have earned your opportunity for any of the positions above, we'll send you a PM. Good luck everyone. x

Very Happy

House prefects and moderators. ?di=1313088968103
Hogwarts Headmistress
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House prefects and moderators.
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